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PowerScrew, a cost effective product with strong support for structure load, high stability, anti-sedimentation, anti-drawing performance, is favorable to PV industry, wind mill as well as other constructions. This system is built from Q235 steel conical pipe with welded blades, can be applied in different geological circumstances, quick installation without excavation or filling water in the foundation. A professional team was established to provide customized design of the screw shaft and the whole structure standard in order to meet markets' requirements. Use PowerScrew, a worthy assurance for your properties.


  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • Ideal for Photovoltaic Installation
  • Screw threads welded on galvanized steel
  • Manufacturing Process is certified by ISO
  • Terrain remains undisturbed around penetration
  • The design of spiral threads enhances the compression interaction between soil and screw


  • Instant and easy installation to save time and pilling cost
  • Renewable and reusable attributes to minimize the impact on environment
  • Low cost for relocation
  • Adjustable to diverse projects and construction
  • Equipped with installation machines and professional personnel
  • Steel tube extruded without welding

Application Range

Flag poles & masts, traffic signs, timber construction, PV racking system and tracker, fencing systems, event structures, boards and banners, garderns and parks etc

Warranty period

25-year anti-corrosion gurantee

Conventional Products Series

PV Solar Farm/Tracker : PS76*1200 / PS76*1600 / PS76*2000 PS90*1200 / PS90*1600 / PS90*2000 / PS114*1200 / PS114*1600 / PS114*1800 / PS219*3500
Load Bearing Project: PS66*650 / PS66*650 / PS66*700 / PS65*1200 / PS65*1600 / PS76*800