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  • No.PW-GS:140*1400
    MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
    MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
    MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
    MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
    MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
    MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
    MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel
  • Introduction

    Powerway ground screws help decrease foundation cost, installation time, and environmental impact of ground solar mounting systems. Ground screws replace typical concrete foundations, and have been widely employed in the world's largest PV markets with over 2GW of installations. Powerway ground screw is the fast and cost effective solution to ground mounting system in all known geologies, from loose soil to bedrock, sand, marsh, and slopes up to 30 degrees.Powerway has local installation teams in China, American and Canada to provide professional and quick installation service for our customers.
    Powerway ground screws help decrease foundation cost Powerway ground screw is the fast and cost effective solution


    • 1.High quality
    • Manufactured with first quality materials - hot dip galvanized complying with the ISO 1461:1999; Powerway carries out strict quality controls in order to get the best quality performance as required by our internal procedures.
    • 2.Professional design
    • Guarantee mechanical properties by professional calculation, software simulation and stress tests.
    • 3.Experimental data
    • Statically tested for compression, tensile and horizontal loads according to stringent guidelines for assessment of performances in pressure resistance, stability and durability.
    • 4.Compatibility with all type of structures
    • The head of ground screw can be adapted to whatever the need of the customer is.
    • 5.Surrounding areas remains unspoiled
    • Without performing and preparation works allows a significant cost reduction.
    • 6.100% recyclable for environmental production
    • Integrated with environmental protection concept without corruption, and zero disposal costs.
    • 7.Easy and quick relocation
    • High possibility of removing them, reducing the environmental impact and minimizing the removing costs.
    • 8.Suitable for all types of soil
    • A broad range of products to fit with all types of soil – from clay to rock.
    • 9.Optimal cost performance
    • Artistic and practical with 20-year quality assurance.
    • 10.Simple and fast installation
    • No onsite welding or fabrication as required in other solutions like piles;Typically, 100-200 ground screws can be installed per day per machine in a medium stiff soil.
    • 11.High accuracy to meet the exact location
    • Plumb to ground;Location accuracy with 1.27cm.
      100-200 ground screws can be installed per day per machine
  • Overall Properties

    • Built from Q235B Steel pipes.
    • Typically 1200-2000mm in height and 50-130mm in diameter.
    • Pipe thickness is selected based on loads and corrosion requirements.
    • Pipe is pressed at one end to form a cone with a patented process.
    • One continuous pipe with no welding.
    • Creates thicker material at high load sections.
    • Wing is welded with TIG or MIG welding technologies.
    • Powerway Flange is welded for Powerway racking connection.
    • Entire earth screw is hot dipped galvanized according to ISO 1461:1999.
    • Stainless steel earth screws for highly corrosive soils.

    Detached Properties of Powerway Ground Screw

    Maximum Strength Shank:

    The shank is formed from a single piece of steel into a conical shape. This method of manufacturing creates maximum strength at the cone to drive through the most arduous soil conditions.

    Innovative Attachment Head:

    Versatile flange options to accommodate different racking systems and installation methods. Designed to increase lateral strength and lengthen life.

    Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel:

    Treated with a layer of zinc to increase corrosion resistance and provide a 25-year warranty.

    Advanced Spiral Thread System:

    Cutting-edge spiral threads continuously welded around screw shank compresses soil for maximum pull-out and load bearing values. Smaller threads allow ground screw to penetrate the toughest soil conditions.
  • Installation Device- SWDL150 Spiral Piling Machine

        Based on the excavator system, SWDL150 can complete digging and drilling by different work devices.
        The turntable can fully 360°swing with outstanding flexibility.
        Easy and flexible operation controlled by advanced hydraulic pilot valve.
        Typically, 100-200 screws can be installed per day per machine in a medium stiff soil. For hard soils and bed-rock, pre-drilling or pre-chiselling is necessary.
    Powerway has 40 ground screw installation machines The efficiency of PowerScrew installation machine is twice as the normal one
    Pile Drilling Parameter
    Drilling Diametermm76
    Drilling Depthmm1800
    Wheel gaugemm1430
    Track gaugemm1150
    Crawler widthmm250
    Grounding clearancemm280
    Dozer lengthmm1400
    Travel Capacity
    Max. TractionKN19
    Travel speed(Max/Min)Km/h4.7/2.6
    Climbing capacity°20
    Length of feeding beammm3400
    Torque N.m1500
    Fuel tank volumeL42.5
    Turntable Swing°360
    Machine Weightkg3000

    Technical Features

    • 1. The machine is based on the excavator system, which can complete digging and drilling work using various work devices. The turntable can swing a full 360-degree, and the whole machine is flexible.
    • 2. Operation is easy and flexible. All actions — including travel, dozer, turntable swing, work devices, pile rotation and feed etc. — are controlled by an advanced hydraulic pilot valve. Work operation is controlled from the cabin which can reduce operating force, operator stress, and increase stability.
    • 3. Drill frame angle is displayed in the cab, increasing operation visibility.
    • 4. The machine includes special clamping fixtures for piles, which increases efficiency through easy assembly and disassembly.
    • 5. The machine is also supplied with a pile-guiding device which ensures the pile drill is vertical.
    • 6. Key parts are safe and reliable: The YANMAR-3TNV82A engine is from Japan, while the hydraulic system's main pump, main valve, swing motor and travel motor are all from KYB, Japan.

    Key Components

    1Oil PumpKYB, Japan
    2Multiple ValveKYB, Japan
    3Swing MotorKYB, Japan
    4Travel MotorKYB, Japan
    5Power Head MotorNingbo Dagang Ini Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
    6EngineYanmar, Japan
    7Rubber Belt TrackHangzhou, China
    8Four Wheels (driving wheel, thrust wheel, bearing chain wheel, guide wheel)Yongsheng, Jining; Chuandi, Yulin
    9Slewing BearingMaanshan