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  • Scope of application of different foundations
    No.Soil typeDescription Ground anchorScrew pileSteel pillarMicro pileConcrete foundation
    0PT, OH-----OK
    1MH, CH, OL, ML, CLClay, siltOKOKOKOKOK
    2SC, SM, SPClay, silt, poorly graded sandsOKOKOKOKOK
    3SW, GC, GM, GPWell graded sands; clay, silt, poorly graded gravelOKOKOKOKOK
    4GWWell graded gravelOKOKpossibleOKOK
    5RMR<20Poorly graded rock mass possible--possibleOK
    6RMR21-60Common graded rock masspreboring--possibleOK
    7RMR61-100Well graded rock masspreboring--possibleOK
    Seven Types of Soil
    Soil classNameComponentsGround screwDrilling
    topsoilSand, gravel, silt and clay mixture may contain humans and creaturesOKPredrilled with spiral snake hole hammer drill
    Flowing soilLiquid to mushy ground waterOK, but the soil has no strengthPredrilled with spiral snake hole hammer drill
    Light and lose detachable soilnon-bonded or weakly bonded sand, gravel or sand/gravel mixesOK, but has little resistancePredrilled with spiral snake hole hammer drill
    Mid-heavy lose soilsand, gravel, silt and clay of at least 15% grain size <0.06 mm, a maximum of 30% rock fragments and more than 63 mm diam. or 0.01 m3 volume Predrilled with spiral snake hole hammer drill
    difficult to solve soil typesground with more than 30% stone content> 63 mm diam. or 0.01m3 to 0.1 m3 volume very rigid tone, depending on water content soft or firmOKPredrilled with spiral snake hole hammer drill
    easy release and see rocky soil rocky, heavily jointed, brittle, crumbly, slate, soft or weathered and see consolidated, non-cohesive and cohesive soilsOK, drill with hole hammerPredrilled with spiral snake hole hammer drill
    removable hard rocklittle rock with high structural strength jointed and weathered defined, weathered shale, slag heaps of iron and steel worksOK, drill with hole hammerPredrilled with spiral snake hole hammer drill
  • Our standard products are designed for compression loads up to four metric tons and tensile loads up to two metric tons. We can offer earth screws with higher bearing loads as well. Typically, you require one earth screw to support one KW.
    Soil typeTest loadPW-GS: 76*800PW-GS: 76*1600PW-GS: 90*1200PW-GS: 90*2000PW-GS: 114*1400PW-GS: 140*1400
    Cohesive soilPressure(kN/lbs)10.6/238320.2/454121.6/485626.9/604724.4/548518.9/4249