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PV system commissioning & acceptance

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    Upon the completion of construction of a PV power plant, the commissioning & acceptance of the plant involves checking its contents for acceptance: basic project information, power equipment contract compliance, PV system check, system testing and commissioning reports, etc.

    Basic project information includes: project name, rated peak power, PV module manufacturer/model/number, inverter manufacturer/model/number, date of installation, commissioning date, customer name, installation location, project design and the actual construction by the project company, etc.

    Basic project documentation includes: project approval documents, installation license, parallel receiving letter, engineering contract and project bid agreement, equipment procurement contracts, overall project design, key components (solar panels & inverters), technical manuals and use of maintenance manuals, key components (solar panels & inverter) in the test report and the authentication certificate, project completion report preparation, and system maintenance manual.

    The following information should be provided for the professional system design and integration company: postal address, e-mail address, and phone number .

    Power plant equipment contract-compliance checks are based primarily on contracts or tenders, an itemized checking of the specifications and quantity of all power plant equipment, and a detailed record, focusing on examination of the following major equipment:

    a. PV modules, strings and the model of the PV array, their specifications and quantity

    b. PV string combiner-box models, specifications and quantity

    c. DC power distribution system models, specifications and quantities

    d. Inverter models, specifications and quantity

    e. AC power distribution system models, specifications and quantities

    f. Step-up transformer and grid-access system models and specifications

    g. Type of stent system (track / fixed) - type and material

    h. Monitoring system models and features:

    Polarity test system for PV systems, PV string current test, PV string voltage test, insulation resistance testing of PV array, photovoltaic array subscript success rate test, power quality testing, system efficiency tests of PV modules, condenser testing, automatic tracking system functional testing, etc.

    Commissioning report: upon completion of the testing process, inspection reports should be provided. They include:

    a.System information (name, address, etc.)

    b.Circuit inspection and testing list

    c.Inspection report;

    d.Circuit test results;

    e.Name and date of inspection personnel


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